Trained Sushi.

Just as I was about to leave work, a co-worker stated, "Are your tires okay?" They looked fine to me but now I had the earworm of doubt in my head all the way home and checked them 3 times ultimately going to my car dealer who gave them a clean bill of health. Thanks for your concern.

Well, on the way home, I decided to pop into a nearby Sushi joint and partake of some fish in the raw raw fish.

This place is one of those rotating/ revolving/ Lazy Susan/ conveyer belt joints

I had about 10 plates of two pieces each and went away quite sated.

Even the plaice mats were floundering in the fish tank. Oh cod, that smelt. Please feel free to add your own fish puns in the comments.

As I drove home, I thought how cool it would be if they delivered this sushi on a model train. Surely there must be somewhere that does this. Sure enough, a FB friend found one:

I popped into a Family Mart and they had a couple of goodies for half price. So I grabbed a Fate and an Exorcist and of course I got some of the cheaper prizes. But I must say that the Fate-figure is rather creepy and the Exorcist-clear files are quite nice as well. I don't know anything about Hunter X Hunter but I can always use another towel.

What will tomorrow bring?


Eric said...

Please, stop with the fish puns already! You're giving me a haddock!

Michael Jones said...

Sorry, I'm hard of herring.


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