Getting With the Program.

I saw the Oz prequel again yesterday, this time in 3D and for a change the 3D enhances rather than detracts from the splendour. This time around, I caught Bruce Campbell as the head Winkie. Not sure how I missed him the first time.

Here are some photos of the Program for the movie. (One day I need to figure out how to use my scanner. I managed to do so once and then promptly forgot how.)

It starts off with a nice triptych cover.

Introduction, Characters and Story:

 The Cast:

Two columns, one about the author, Frank L. Baum and the other about the collaboration between Raimi and Elfman.

A profile of the Director plus his filmography.(I like how Army of Darkness was retitled "Captain Supermarket" in Japan!)

The film's staff and Production Notes:

Finally a list of goods for sale plus the obligatory ad for a new Marvel movie!

I usually wait until I can find these programs in the used book shop for a buck but I splurged and picked this up for 700 yen.

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