Actually, that should be Oz Goods. I saw the movie on Friday and absolutely loved it. My gal-pal isn't a fan of 3D so I missed out on a few eye-popping shots. Except for a few shots in the B&W which looked exactly like a 3D shot in 2D, It's a visually awesome experience. Some of the dialogue and plot-holes are over the top but for the most part, it was terrific.

The bellhop monkey was irritating in a good way, the China Doll was SOOO cute and the witches were very beautiful. Not enough closeups of the creepy flying baboons though. Every reviewer has pooh-poohed Franco's Oz but not me. He's supposed to be a smarmy prick and he did a wonderful job at it. It wasn't until the end credits that I figured out who Bruce Campbell was! Kicking myself now over that one.

To date, the amount of goods in the Convenience stores/ Supermarkets has been nonexistent and The Disney Store has nothing either! Fortunately, the cinema shop didn't disappoint. I picked up the following before the movie because I knew the concession stand would be closed afterwards. Now I wish I'd gotten more loot!

A couple of clear files and stickers:

Lots of different post-it notes:

A couple of pens and a towel:

Finally something my pal Hinnie would like, some masking tape!

These items will probably go fast, so if you'd like me to pick some up for you, let me know! (They average between 5 and 8 dollars a pop.)

I usually wait until I can buy a used program but I paid full price for this one. I'll show it off tomorrow.


Unknown said...

How much for 2 pens and towel

Michael Jones said...

My computer is on the fritz so I can't respond in detail. The pens were 840 & 650. The towel is 750¥. Not sure what currency


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