Why I'll Miss Soma.

It's been a good run these last 11 months in Soma. Driving took between 90-120 minutes one way, I almost got killed twice in the mountains (oncoming truck and got clipped by a farmer en route to work.) It was all worth it, the kids were great, all  most of my co-teaching staff were terrific (one woman was the worst teacher I've ever had the dishonour of knowing; fortunately for the kids, she's gone next year.)

But what will I miss the most? The conbinis on the way. Occasionally I'd have to skip brekkie if I were running too late, otherwise I popped into a 7-11 7 or Lawson for breakfast on the way there, a Family Mart or a Daily Yamazaki for a drink on the way home. My favourite was the Lawson off Route 6 just before it forks into the bypass.

Last week, the clerk gave me 5 sheets of Dragonball stickers, other times I've received other premiums such as AKB48 cell-tapes, postcards or extra clear files. Because I'll miss them, I picked up some of their most recent promotion, some Rirakuma goods. I landed two towels, a figure and an umbrella!!

I have plenty of other goods to show you from these stores and will do so later. Now it's time for the season premiere of The Walking Dead!

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