A Parody?

No, a Paratea. What appears to be a relatively new brand of tea, Paradise Tropical TEA, is a rather tasty and presumably healthy tea produced by UCC. What caught my eye was not the blend of four flowers: Marigold, Rose, Cornflower and Swizzleflower (?) nor the catchphrase: "You can enjoy the tropical aroma. It's just like a paradise!"

No, what I found intriguing are the 6 different animal bottle caps that you can get. Place it over your freshly bought pet-bottle and it can easily twist it off. Useful if you're at all arthritic and cute too. As you can see, there is a tiger, rabbit, bear, zebra leopard or frog.

If you've got a spare 11 minutes, here is Meatloaf's most famous tune.

Ah, it's just like I'm back in High School!

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