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折り紙 =Origami is the art of paper folding. Traditional Japanese origami, has been practiced since the Edo era (1603-1867), and the predominant origami paper used in Japan is 和紙 (washi). Personally, I have a hard time wrapping a present without getting a paper cut, but my students can whip off a paper crane in a few seconds.

This paper-folding wizard, Satoshi Kamiya (born 1981) is one of the most advanced origami masters in the world. From the time he learned origami at age two, Satoshi has made hundreds of origami models, (like this dragon) basing many of his models on Japanese manga episodes.
Check out some more of his work at:

And to watch him in action, check out this video. Sure it's all in Japanese, but it's fairly easy to follow. The timer clicks off the number of folds (over 1300) and he took over 10 hours to complete it. You should be able to figure out what it is by this post's title.

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