Love is in the Air,

which means it's Echophonyk Valen-time! Yes, on Friday, February 9th from 9:00 at Shaft, the Echo guys and gals will be spinning the melodious mellow tones that they've come to be known for. Expect a bit o' funk and a lot o' love coming up this Friday.

Check out this nifty flyer created by ex-Echo DJ Mark Saito.(Click on the pic to embiggen it.) For more yummy Saito goodies, go here: Saito

For those of you in the Sendai area but don't know where the heck Shaft is, take a peak at this map or head over to their website.

For some other sites of interest, try:
or contact
Mixture OR Mixtures
for details.

For the best comprehensive House music from across the globe tune into London's House Fm broadcasting 24 hours a day across the net. To tune in or for further info please
check out

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