Happy SAD!

Singles Awareness Day (SAD) is a humorous holiday celebrated on February 14. It serves as an alternative to Valentine's Day for people who are single and can't participate in Valentine's activities.

To take this theme further, in Japan, 死ね死ね団 (= shineshine dan) is a club against lovers or couples. The idea comes from the manga Ping-Pong Club. (行け!稲中卓球部 = Ike! Inachu takkyu-bu) In this manga, one of the members betrayed their fellow table-tennis team members and went on a date with a girl. Therefore, the other team members formed the "Lovers go die" club and tried to break up the couple.
For some reason, riding a giant Panda has something to do with 死ね死ね団.

This video is the ending theme for the kid's show, "Rainbow Man". More on that later...

Shine-Shine-dan Theme”
Sung by: ‘Cat's Eyes and Young Fresh’

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