He-ah, he-ah, my he-ah, he-ah!

I just saw a very disturbing trailer for a new Japanese horror movie called エクステ (EXTE). It wasn't the horror of the hair extensions that kill young girls that I found odd, the disturbing part was the song sung by the lead kook, (大杉漣 Ren Osugi). If you go to the homepage and click on the trailers, go to the second trailer. The first one is a little creepy, but the second one is hilariously creepy.
go to EXTE for details, but here is that dopey trailer for you:

It stars one of my favourite young actresses, Chiaki Kuriyama, whom you may know better as GoGo Yubari in Kill Bill. I've also seen her on a tv series, エコエコアザラク(Eko Eko Azarak=Wizard of Darkness), in movies: 呪怨 (Ju-on=The Grudge), バトル・ロワイアル (Batoru Rowaiaru=Battle Royale) and 妖怪大戦争 (Yokai Daisenso=The Great Yokai War) and tons of commercials.

Unfortunately this movie won't be released in Sendai, so I may have to venture out of town to go see it. But it looks like it'll be a really hairy flick.

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