I wish I were an OSCAR Meyer winner.

Now that the frenzy of National Gorilla Suit Day has died down and since we're in the middle of Admissions testing AND I have all my work done, it's time for a little post I'd like to call:

MY OSCAR PICKS & PREDICTIONS (including any Japanese or Canadian connections.)

First up, the Host: Ellen Degenerate (ooh, you know this will be snide when someone calls her that!) Don't really like her. Saw her backstage at some awards show a few years ago and found her to be extremely un-funny. But she does have a popular Day-time talkshow and others seem to find her amusing, so I'll give her the benefit of the doubt. Prediction: several lame jokes about the Trump-Rosie feud. Oh, and maybe (just maybe) there'll be a joke about speeches going on too long!

Best Motion Picture of the Year

First we have Babel. Haven't seen it & don’t know much about it. But it has goats, many different settings and, from what I’ve heard, a startling performance by Rinko Kikuchi. It’s up for 7 nominations, so I’m sure it’ll win something...I’m hoping it's Rinko for Supporting Actress. It won the Golden Globe (GGs) for Best Drama and it gets an extra point on my likeability meter for having a character named “Mike Jones” in it.

Next up is The Departed. Scorcese's latest gangsta flick is a remake of the HK flick, Infernal Affairs (which is a great title...the “Departed” refers to Catholics who spend time in Purgatory, sort of lost on all us Protestant boys & girls.) Nice cast, Leo, Matt, Jack & Mark plus several Sopranos rejects. I hope to see it tonight and maybe my enthusiasm will be increased threefold for it, but Best Picture...nah. But they'd better emulate the GGs and give the Director nod to Marty before he starts doing Family films.

Letters from Iwo Jima is my personal pick for best pic. I’ve commented on it before, and suffice to say, I loved it. Good acting, cinematography, sound, FX,etc., not a snoozing moment throughout. Could have used a few more wacky Japanese jokes. The best running gag is about the Sergeant who couldn't blow himself up.

I saw Little Miss Sunshine on the plane and it had shocked the heck out of me that I'd enjoy it so much. I don't think it ever came to theaters over here and if it did, it disappeared quickly. I suspect the Japanese title will be renamed “Little Miss Fattie”. I liked Arkin and the dad, Kinnear, but the daughter was outstanding. She's nominated for Best Supporting but should be up for Best Actress.

And finally, The Queen. I thought it might be a biopic for Scott Thompson, but it appears to be about some Majesty they have over in England. I like Frears as a director and Helen Mirren and James Cromwell are swell actors, but I think this one has too much competition to win. If it does scrape out a win, it'll probably be released here, otherwise it'll be Arthouse fare in a tiny Shibuya theater. (Remind me to give you a Princess Di anecdote sometime.)

つづく (to be continued...)

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