Gun-dam it, there's gold in them thar hills!

There are one or two convenience stores (コンビニ= konbini) on every street corner here in Japan, and you can get anything from bento lunches to booze to booby mags. Every day, I hit one on my way to school to get my breakfast and my daily drink (with a little toy attached, of course).

Sometimes they have these little lotteries where, for 5 bucks, you can buy a ticket and scratch the card and win a prize. They are Disney-themed, or Hello Kitty-themed or whatever and now it's got a Gundam-theme. After 5 tries, I won two mugs and two plastic file-folder cases (really handy for hauling around notes from class to class.) Tonight I just happened to win a Gundam-MP3 player. It's really cute, but being a bit of a techno-tard (and because it's all in Japanese), I can't figure out how you get the 3 tiny Members of Parliament inside to do my bidding!

Last weekend, I won a Winnie the Pooh toaster (for 500 yen!) that I gave to DJ Mokugohan for a house-warming present, and earlier I'd won a Hello Kitty hair dryer and 2 cd-players (Mickey and Gundam.) I'm running out of space to keep all this crap, I need to have a garage sale!

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