Shape up or Ship out.

Fukushima's a nice place to visit, but I wouldn't want to live there. A little dull, but it's supposed to be lovely in the spring for Cherry Blosssom time. Maybe I'll go back. I forgot my camera, but I did snap a few photos with my phone.

One nice thing about the place is that they have no biases. Everyone is welcome. This is the name of a Tennis Racket shop.

We ate a pleasant Indian restaurant. Not much variety, but is was yummy enough. Oh and I got to use one of my crappy jokes. When they brought out the bread, I said, "何ですか?" (nan desu ka? which means What is it?; but it can also mean ナンですか?Is it Naan? ) Mana's Rasoi 024-522-2787

After I got off the train, I just popped into the UFO catch place and look what I caught (not bad for 2 bucks!) I think all you do is pivot back and forth on this thing, but if the picture is anything to go by, I should be svelte and suave in no time.

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