Time to play...

Spot the Mikie!

It's the hottest sensation that's sweeping the nation! In the following photos, you will find a school photo of your humble poster-boy. Your job is to try and Spot the Mikie amongst the other children. Do you understand the rules? OKAY... Let's go!!

Photo 1: Kindergarten '64, Regency Acres in Aurora, Ont. Where's Mikie?

#2: Grade 1 '65. To improve the odds, there are actually two children named Michael Jones in this pic. Can you find both Mikies?

Now we move to Central Public School in Brampton, Ont. for Grade 2-3 In Canada's Centennial year with the lovely Miss Stroud. Hard to believe she never got married.

The next picture was Grade 4 whose teacher was Mrs. Ricketts (nee Hansen), quite the knockout!

More of a challenge for you is Grade 5 since our school was too cheap to spring for colour that year. A hint is that Mikie has a Superman-curl thing going.

Check out those funky hairdos happening for Grade 6. This is where Mikie began to excel at the Shortest Kid in the Class competition.

Grade 7 at Central Public School was an unmemorable year. Sorry, no choice anecdotes, except that it's the final year for CPS.

Grade 8 was Mikie's only year at Agnes Taylor before High School. Also 1st row, far left was Laurie Leggo, Mikie's first crush and subsequent humiliation. No bitterness held, but she did get Mono and was never seen again.

How did YOU score?

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