Watchtower time.

I'm watching the NHL All-Star game (actually playing bridge on my pc while it blares in the background...nice uniforms, not much substance), when my inattentiveness was interrupted by my ringing doorbell. This can only be (a) NHK looking to collect their fee which no one in Japan pays, (b) some old guy selling subscriptions to various all-nihongo newspapers or (c) the Jehovah Witness flogging their path to enlightenment. (c) won the draw this morning and, as usual, it's one really nice-looking babe and one minger (less than attractive babe). They tried to sell their wares in their broken but well-intentioned English, but one time I should invite them in to my Den of Iniquity, which should scare them off and maybe I'll get put on some "Beware of the Crazy Gaijin" list.

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