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"Title". I went to a bar last night with the adorable Azumi to a little hole-in-the-wall bar entitled "Title".
It only holds 7 people, but the dude behind the bar is a "Boy named Suu". He used to be a bartender at Hide & Seek, but went away for awhile into seclusion in order to build funds to get his own place. And so he did. Several different homemade pizzas, snacks and all kinds of booze are there for your gastronomic pleasure. You also get pleasant conversation and mellow tunes. It's tough to locate, so I suggest phoning first.
Shioppi, one of the customers from his H&S days.
The aforementioned adorable Azumi! Mmmmm. Heartland!

〒980-0803 仙台市青葉区国分町二丁目4-21 並木小路ビル1F
Open from 7pm~5am

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