I want my MTV!

Saturday night was the birthday bash for Blaise of Monkey Majik fame. There about 20 well-wishers and the entire thing was filmed by the MTV crew! We were all interviewed and Alex, Rob & I made a little speech (though we may end up on the cutting room floor.)

I gave him a Buzz Lightyear towel and some deodorant (a rare commodity in this burg) and Alex gave him one of his original Mokugohan cds.

The event took place at the Gulp Down Cafe and you can call 022-261-2038 for reservations. The food is yummy, the beer was Budweiser (we switched to local beer, it was a little tastier) and the company was the cool elite of Sendai.

Here's a few pics of the gig.

This last one is of Kana, organiser of the event and girlfriend of the birthday boy.

Can this guy get any luckier?

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