Shiver Me Timbers!

Avast there mateys! Talk Like a Pirate Day is here on Wednesday. (Ye can read last years post here.) Yo-ho ye landlubbers, get ye ready by watching this video to prepare ye-self. (Let's practice, shall we: Yarrr!)

But it isn't Wednesday yet, so I don't have to do this entire post in Pirate-speak. I would like to show you one of the treasures I collected recently. This Mini-Cosbaby is adorable. It'll do my father proud to be named after this Davy Jones figure.

Other Booty that I'd collected (on sale, wouldn't pay full price for this swag) includes Ms. Swann.

And Will Turner.

Last year, you may recall that I went to a Fancy Dress ball as a Computer Pirate, Cap'n StarHacker. We hope to have this year's party on the 27th of Oct, but have yet to find a venue. Any hints?

Yo-ho, It's the Pirates Life For Me...I'll leave you with a picture of Nori hanging out in Jack Sparrow at Tokyo Disneyland (lucky bastard.) There better be some Rum in that Apple juice!


NORI said...

Tokyo disneyland had really fun.
i wanna go again.

Michael Jones said...

Next time invite me along! (But I really want to go to the Disney Halloween party!!)


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