I'm A Seoul Man.

Since I'm not typing from beyond the grave, the rocket didn't obliterate us after all. That is good news, but it reminded me of my trip to Korea on New Year's Eve, 2002 (okay, granted I went to South not North Korea so it doesn't really have much bearing on today's rocket test, but give me some leeway...I'm alive!)

Apart from spending New Year's Eve with an Aussie pal from my NOVA days (whom I met, purely by chance) and a dalliance with a Bar owner while there, I didn't really enjoy my weekend in Seoul. About a month before, an American tank ran over a couple of teeny boppers and George refused to issue an apology. Thus everyone who looked like an American was treated like crap...even the shopkeepers ignored me!

On the plus side though, the burger chain,
롯데리아 (Lotteria,) had LOTR-The Two Towers Happy sets! Alas I didn't learn of this until late in my trip, so I only got a few items. The highlight would be the "One Ring" that one can hang around one's neck.

I also got some Towers that you can build out of paper, but I can't find them right now. I did find the address book though. It has Monthly & Weekly Planners, and memo pages, but my favourite are the Address Book pages that offer not only 4 characters but also 4 menu items!

With the address book, came 3 poster cards that are all pretty nifty.

BTW, here is a list of the burgers you can get there: Lotteria offers 14 different kinds of burgers for sale: Chun-Cheon Chicken Rib Burger, Cheong-Yang Chilli Pepper Burger, European Frico Cheese Burger, Paprika Bacon Beef Burger, Kimchi Burger, Korean Beef Bulgogi Burger, Burning Squid Burger, Shrimp Burger, Bulgalbi Burger, Bulgogi Burger, Chicken Burger, Cheese Burger, Rib Sandwich, and Teriyaki Burger. WOW! I really wanna try the Burning Squid Burger!

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