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I attended "LOTR, The Musical" on Wednesday night with my brother. It cost me 121$ for a pair of Orchestra seats which I picked up at the Half-price Ticket booth. It regularly would have cost twice that amount (but was only worth paying about 1/4 that amount!)

As a spectacle, it was spectacular. The sets, choreography, costumes, special effects, makeup, etc. were truly magnificent. But Lord of the Rings does not translate well to the Broadway stage medium. The songs were good, they just seemed out of place at times (as with any musical). Since LOTR is a quest, when the Hobbits et al were marching, climbing or battling, a song fit well. But in the middle of a trek, when you sit on a rock and sing about Hobbit-life at the shire, it breaks the momentum of the story. Many of the tunes were taken straight out of Tolkein's work, but most of them were just an excuse to demonstrate the singing styles of various Divas. What I found most surprising was how many really talented short guys they found to play the leads!

I did manage to snap a few illegal shots of the production but the quality of the pics is dubious at best.

What really bugged me about the show is that my brother didn't pay me for the damn tickets! This is a guy who can wipe his butt with 20$ bills, but he didn't have enough cash to cough up for his ticket. He did buy dinner though, la de dah! (Of course, over the years, he has loaned me enough cash to bankrupt some Third World nations, so I can't really get too upset.)

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