"Go Snots Go!"

is one of those phrases I never thought I'd utter, but sure enough I've bellowed it out a few times over the last few years. DJ Mokugohan and rookie Blaise (of Monkey Majik fame) belong to a hockey team called the "Snots"! Why Snotsyou may ask. Well the coach had a cold one day and asked Alex for the meaning of 鼻水 ョhana-mizuヲ in English and he said that "nose water" is called Snot. Next thing you know, much to his chagrin, Snots became the name of their team.

They had a pretty good season this year, coming in Second and on Saturday, they played against the #1 team in a grudge match. After a 2-2 first period, they suffered a number of bad penalty calls and were trailing by 5-2. In the last 10 minutes, they managed to tie it up but ultimately lost the game in a Shoot-out.

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