Times Are Tough.

You know that the economy is hurting when even the Yokai of Japan need to work p/t at McDonalds!

First up is Neko Musume working as both a cashier (dispensing mini-GeGeGe stickers)

and as a Hostess (with 2 different sayings), showing people to their seats and cleaning up their messes.

UPDATE: I forgot to add one, Kitaro as a maitre d'. Both he and Neko Musume introduce themselves and then add, "マクヘよこそう" which I imagine means, "Welcome to McDonalds!"

Next up, our hero Kitaro has to demean himself by working as a lackey tossing out the garbage. Much to his chagrin, a certain Nezumi Otoko refuses to leave the refuse.

When off duty, Kitaro spends his meager earnings at the very place in which he works.

The counter upon which he places his order also doubles as a stamper.

Best of all is Kitaro's Cycloptean Senior, Oyaji , who hides in a package of fries.

It's hard to top that, but this is the best Happi-item I have ever seen! Not only does Oyaji hang out in a cup of Orange Juice, but when you click upon his head, it converts into a ViewMaster!

A previous set of GeGeGe Happi Setto provided us with this commercial:

Surf around YouTube for a few more ads... and if you like what you see, you can always order your own!

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