Star Wars Clips.

Perhaps you thought I'd feature some YouTubes of scenes from SW, rather here are 6/8 Snack Clips that came with Pepsi Twist way back when Episode III was released. I bought several of the Caps* but I never paid the 3 bucks a pop for a Liter of Pepsi to acquire these. But thanks to a lovely day and a Flea Market, I got Six of them for the price of One! (Now I have to track down R2D2 & C3PO!)
I've kept them in their package in case I want to sell them at a tidy profit because, seriously now, what Star Wars nerd would actually use one of these? Are you telling me that once a pack of Chips is opened, it wouldn't be finished off thus rendering the Clip useless?

I also landed these really sweet Chewbacca & Storm Trooper walkers at 50 yen a pop! As for the SW Caps that I asterisked above, more on those later...

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