Blogging About Blogging Is A Sin.

I've heard this mantra before, have broken the commandment in the past, and I shall do so once again. (Mainly because my scanner is acting up and I have nothing else to do.) I've added my Facebook profile to the side of my blog so you can now look at my mug when you read my latest entry.
I am not a big fan of FB, but I have gotten into the habit of commenting on stranger's blurbs and I welcome you to become a phony friend and do so on mine.

Here are some of my most recent witticisms!

What is this World Cup that everyone is talking about? Is it some kind of extra-large bra size?

I finally figured out that the World Cup actually has something to do with soccer! Apparently a bunch of countries from around the world get together and kick a ball back & forth! Who knew?

I caught the last 10 minutes of the first period in the game between South Africa & Mexico. I got to see S Africa score and save twice...not as dull as I expected.
What frightened me was the sound! They must have these enormous mosquitoes there, for there was a constant buzzing while watching!

The other day I scammed a cool video from Mark Evanier and for those who don't visit him, here it is for you.

I shall try and become a little more pro with this here bloggy-thing and add some other goodies over the next few days as well...keep a look out!

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