Yankii Go Home!

First, check out this list of Japanese subcultures and then you can follow my observations.

The Decatora are kind of cool, I don't see them often since I rarely make it onto a highway, but it certainly harkens back to the painted vans of my youth with the Frazetta-esque murals on their sides. I must say though, that the painted trains are awesome!

I don't see them in Sendai all that often, though the tanning salons are prevalent, the tannees aren't. Go to Harajuku or Shibuya and it's a whole wacky world full of them! Didja know that the name ヤマンバ or Yamamba is derived from the 山姥 or Yama-Uba? The ones I've met consider themselves to be the epitome of beauty...not quite the hags of mythology! Here are some examples of modern day Yamamba...

Here are some slightly older versions...

What I do see an awful lot of in the city are #3, the Little Lolitas. They are all shapes and sizes and I'm a little too embarrassed about asking them for a photo without coming off all pervy.

There are Hostess Bars all over The 'Buncho in Sendai's entertainment district yet there are also several Host Bars. I'll have to take some pics tomorrow and maybe I'll apply for a job while I'm at it! (I'm going to have to get one of those fem-poodle haircuts though!)

This morning from 4-6, I watched the Americans get beaten by the Ghana team. (I am currently watching England get royally blitzed by the Germans right now!) Here are some of the puns I used on FB...That's Ghana hurt!...They're Ghanas! ...Who ya Ghana call? Yank-busters! If you look at #2 on this list, you'll see a different kind of Yankee...the Yankii. They are the most annoying thing on the list. I don't encounter them often, pretty much a waste of my time but they are noisy and nasty nogoodniks. Back in my Soma days, we had a couple of their progenitors, the Bosozoku motorcyclists who like to make lots of noise but were for the most part nice guys. Most of them are not!!

The last subculture on this list is the one that I have the least amount of contact with, ヴィジュアル系 or Visual Kei. (From Wiki, "Some sources state that Visual Kei refers to a music genre, or to a sub-genre of J-rock with its own particular sound, related to glam-rock, punk and metal." I just think it sounds like noise and it is no wonder that Japanese women are seeking out foreign boyfriends (except me!) since it's hard to distinguish the gender these days! Be forewarned, you should turn down the volume on this YouTuber!

The Football Match is done now and I can go to bed. Quite the pummelling the Brits took! Now, there's only Samurai Blue left to cheer for!

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