I spoke of the futuristic Robotic Cat with the goodies-filled-black-holed-stomach last March and this promo appears to be for his creator's 40th Anniversary. 藤子不二雄 (Fujiko F. Fujio) is actually an amalgamation of 藤本 弘 (Fujimoto Hiroshi) & 安孫子 素雄 (Abiko Motō) who teamed up to create (amongst others) パーマン (Perman), イスパー麻美 (Esper Mami)& 21エモン (21-Emon). Click around their site and you should find something you'd like.

Today at Lawsons conbini, they offered up some clear file folders of the aforementioned characters when one purchases 2 items of junk food. Yummy & practical!!

Did you see my friends from 旧怪物くん there?

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