Found A Peanut!

I find myself waxing a tad nostalgic tonight, so I thought I'd offer up some Peanutty goodness for you! If you want to hear the Mothra theme, you can always click either of those links, but here is a completely different tune for your enjoyment.

There is actually a reason that I'm posting about Leguminous gals and it has nothing to do with my daily dosage of Roasted Peanuts. What follows is a cover of the above sung by the duet of Natsumi Kawano and Yuki Maeda.

Big Deal, right? BUT, in the first 2 seconds of this video, the woman who introduces them is a Sendai celebrity, 川野目亭 南天 (Eriko Kawanome) who I dated a few times a couple of years ago. (That's right, I've been doing a bit of cyber-stalking and that's all I could come up with!)

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