Happi Fazaazu Day!

As with much of the world, Japan celebrates the 3rd Sunday in June as ファーザーズ・デイ. What gift do you get your often-absent papa here? 42% of fathers told the Father's Day Council Japan in a poll that they would like alcohol as a gift for Father's Day. Among the tipsters, whiskey was the most popular choice (25%), followed by nihonshu (23%) and wine (also 23%). Shopping for booze on 父の日 (chichi no hi) can be done at your local Conbini, Grocery Store, Liquor Store or online. So do your dad a favour and get him pissed. It's the only day of the year that he stays out of the Pachinko and in the loving arms of his family but you can't expect him to remain sober doing so, can you?

I haven't spoken of my father much since he shuffled off this mortal coil some 30 years ago and I have next to zero photos of him. Here is one of me as an infant with my dad for your enjoyment!

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