My scanner is still down and now I can't find my camera so I can't even take pics of all the goodies I have scattered on my desk. So here are a few pics from my ケイタイ (keitai = cell phone).

I've missed out on a few birthdays lately. My mom (83 or 84), buddy Adam (40), pal Kanako (30) and a few more I'm sure. These balloon cakes & flowers are courtesy of an NHK course you can take on バルン・アルト (balloon art)...it's more than just funny animals, ya know. (I'm really good at making a snake.)

Speaking of NHK, I am yet again stuck with a 3-hour walkabout every Monday (yet another p/t job falls through!) so I spend it window shopping and trying not to do any actual shopping. I did though eat at the premier of this restaurant down the street. It's called Sasebo Burger and is one of several franchises in Japan, the original being Sasebo, a small town with a big American Navy base on the western coast of Kyushu. They even have Sasebo Angels, though I didn't think the waitresses were that much of a knock out. The burger was pretty yummy though!

What I really like about the premiere of stores & restaurants are the buckets of bouquets that adorn it both inside and out. I only caught the name of the white ones, and they are known as 胡蝶蘭(chou-ran)or moth orchids (Phalaenopsis)...purty.

Another new restaurant had this wo-mannequin outside. I didn't go inside but I like the cut of its jib.

Finally, I saw this t-shirt on a rack outside one of the innumerable clothing shops; if it weren't over 40 bucks, I might have picked it up!


The Frog Queen said...

Balloon cake? Really, that is super cool! :D


Michael Jones said...

She made a balloon frog a few weeks ago, but it's in my camera which has decided to hide on me.


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