Coffee Caps.

You can find hot or cold canned coffee sold via vending machines on every street corner or in the innumerable Conbini throughout the country but I don't really like the swill. I do buy the stuff though, when there is a cap on top with a toy inside.

For example, Georgia coffee celebrated the 50th anniversary of 少年マガジン (Shonen Magazine) with funky Gold, Silver or Blue coins depicting their more famous creations. I managed to choke down 9 of these beverages before I gave up my quest.

These mini キン肉マン or "Kinnikuman" wrestling figures are fairly cute, albeit the positions in which they are wrasslin' are of a questionable nature! I managed to acquire the entire set but I had to swallow quite a few brew to do so.

I have never gone Wii nor even owned any Mario-games, though in the Arcade, that's another story.

I only got two of these Yamato battleships because you had to buy two coffees in order to obtain one! Though the coffees are bitter, these are very sweet...

I never played with Transformers as a youngun nor did I ever watch the cartoon (I know-Blasphemy!) But I did pick up a handful of these mini reproductions of them.

I'll cap off this post with a shoutout to the Chicago Blackhawks who have a good chance of winning Lord Stanley this week. I fervently hope that Philly Phlyers manage to tie up the series because I have to work on Thursday morning when it'll be aired over here. A game 7, I'd be able to watch over the weekend!

Here Come the BlackHawks!

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