Oh Kanada!

Hey, ya know it's the 120th Anniversary of the tune, Oh Canada? It's undergone a few changes in lyrics over the years and these days it's only sung at sporting events & Summit meetings, but I remember the days when it used to be broadcast in Public School and prior to watching a flick at the Odeon in downtown Brampton. We'd get our Anthem, a few ads for lobby snacks, a great NFB short such as The Big Snit some previews and the movie.

These days the Anthem gets booed at hockey games, but I'd like to see anyone boo this cool rendition sung in Cree! (It's okay if you boo the Calgary Flames, just not the singer.)

I've sung the tune as part of a lesson, at Rakuten Eagles games (they won again tonight!) and in various stages of drunkenness in innumerable locales.

I would wager though that you have never heard it quite like this with trilingual (English, French & Japanese) lyrics...

You may now sit down again and go back to your daily lives.

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The Frog Queen said...

LOL! Nice distraction! :D



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