Keeping FITS!

Everytime these strange and alluring commercials come on the tube, I am mesmerized and have to watch. They're ads for Lotte's gum, FIT'S and they travel around Japan doing a crazy dance and humming this catchy tune. Here are a few examples...

A couple of Kappa from Miyagi strut their stuff:

What I like is that the company encourages amateur involvement for even the Maids are getting into the act!

Now I shall present the origin of the tune, it's from an old anime that I'd seen only once in the Mangattan Museum's archives. It's an old African jungle anime featuring a Mowgli-type kid and his adventures...very cool!

It's called 狼少年ケン
(おおかみしょうねんケン or Wolf-Shonen-Boy or Ken, the Wolf-Boy) and it was one of the several Shonen manga devoted to young boys' adventures. I need to track this down, it looks cool! Suddenly I have a craving for some gum too...

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