A slightly hungover Michael trekked out to Zao with the Hutton family today. First stop was a soothing bath in LaForet Spa and Resort. I haven't been in an onsen in ages and it was a nice relaxing way to soothe some weary bones.

For lunch, we popped over to Zao Cheese House for lunch. Thanks to my NO FAT diet, I had an Edith Piaf Ebi Pilaf.

 The Huttons had yummy pizza, drooool.
 Seita's Transformer Robin Hood.

In the Cheese House, there were all kinds of homemade cheeses but even the yoghurt had fat in it. Fortunately they sold a low-fat cream cheese so I didn't have to leave empty-handed.

There was a mini-bakery there as well and outside, a guy was showing off his Italian Greyhound puppy.

I also bought some very cheap veggies including the largest carrot I have ever seen (these two carrots cost a buck!)

I beg your pardon, I never promised you a Rose garden yet here it is. There are well over a hundred varieties and some were still in bloom.

Some mere scenic shots.

Just so I don't lose my nerd credentials by having a geek-free post, I popped into Mandai on the way home. I like the illustration on the sliding doors.

They had a promotion where you pull a giant Pocky and win a random snack. I won a cheese puff (which I won't be able to eat.)

Finally, for no particular reason other than that it is cute, here is a crossover I'd love to see.

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