Chewie On This.

I usually wait until I've completed a set before I post something, but I'm sending this out to the Webosphere to aid me in my quest.

The fine folks at Furuta have brought out the choco-eggs again only this time with Star Wars characters within! These are the 9 that I own.

 Busts of Chewbacca and Han.
 Yoda (this is the most ubiquitous, I've landed this one 3-4 times now).
 Luke Skywalker
 They call this a "Shock Trooper" unless I'm misreading my katakana.

 Darths Vader and Maul.
Finally Obi-Wan Kenobi.
Check out the detail on these, pretty good for under two bucks!

Now I just need to get my mitts on C-3P0, Storm Trooper, Boba Fett, General Grevous and the ever elusive "Secret" one.

Anyone out there have any to trade???

Here's what they look like. This dude has landed a dozen of them but he's asking 2500 yen for the 12. (Which is actually a pretty good price!)

This is a truly Kawaii family!

Holy crap, that Greivous looks great!

More Star Wars stuff to follow (man oh man, there is tons of it!)


Since the above post, I've landed two more. A Stormtrooper and Boba Fett's bust!

 If anyone out there has General Grievous or C-3P0, I have plenty of doubles to trade...

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