O-Tanjoubi Omedetou Gojira!

Hey it's Godzilla's 61st birthday on November 3rd. To celebrate, I've photographed the front and back covers of my paper book-sized Gojira Encyclopediae (ケイブンシャの大百科 Keibunsha Dai-hyakka).

These are the only Godzilla ones I own (besides the Colour Series.)  I left out the Gamera and Mothra encyclopediae, they can be showcased on their respective birth dates.

#1 is actually just a book of postcard-sized cards with no editorial. One day when I get my scanner operative, I'll scan them.

#2. An actual encyclopedia with facts and dates and pictures and trivia and Kaiju dissections!

Above, #104. It must be a reprint, it's a much newer edition. Below, #122.

Above #174. Below, #178, note it has the book cover intact.

 #564 above. #586 below.
 I've never seen these eggs with Kaiju within. LitGodzi! (Little Godzilla, I imagine.)
#643, I may have purchased this one new. All the others were found used.
 Finally, #694.

I never found one for Godzilla Final Wars. I wonder if one exists...

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