It Is Your Destiny.

A week ago, I'd heard of a "random draw" for 620 yen coming to a conbini on November 26th. Today was the day and I went to 5 different conbini to no avail. At Lawson's though, I did find some new treats, such as these cookies.

Yummy looking, I'll hand these out at training tomorrow (to people that I like, few and far between though they may be.)

These are the Draw items that I'm looking for.

There is not a single item there that I wouldn't mind having. Some worth less than 620, some substantially more. Let's break it down, shall we.

The A Prize is an R2-D2 figure that looks like it can be used in various ways. For example, a pencil, gum, or coffee holder.

This is what I really really want, the B Prize is a nabe pot for cooking soups or stews within!

The C Prize appears to be a Darth Vader and 15 Stormtroopers set.

The D Prize is a special poster set.

The E Prize is a Stormtrooper Hoodie/Blanket, similar to these

The F Prize (above) is a towel plus a Lightsabre case.
The G Prize (below) is "Visual sheet" whatever that means.

Winning the H Prize entitles you to one of 4 different glasses.

The I Prize is a quartet of 4 different Chrystal Charms.

Finally, the J Prize are 5 various Art Towels.

If you're lucky enough to be around for the end of the campaign, the one who lands the Last One of the random lot lands a Darth Vader Hoodie and Blanket! Sweet!

You get to keep the lottery paper and that entitles you to a Second Chance at winning one of 50 different figures!

BUT for some reason I expected this campaign to start today. I dug further and discovered that it'll be at 7-11 yet may not begin for another few weeks. Doh!

On the plus side, during my search, I bought several items from Lawson.

I pick up a few more cookies to give out to random pals. Such as this Chewbacca Crisp Choco,

or these Stormtrooper Biz Biscuits.

(UPDATE: the above two items have already been consumed by me.)

Dark Lord DARS chocolate pieces, "Give yourself to the DARS!"

Dried Spicy Ramen noodles.

Yoda's Mame (bean) flavoured potato sticks,

Or Vader's Chili flavoured potato sticks.

The downside of the above snacks is that there are no stickers or anything given away with them. Well, that's one less item I need to collect.

Finally an item I didn't buy but a friend kindly snapped a photo for me, some Chewbacca Caramel Corn twists.

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