Swag Wars.

Here's just a tip of the iceberg of SW stuff you can buy and make Disney even richer.

First up, this is a Yoda that I won at UFO Catcher. There was also a similarly kawaii Darth but I didn't want to waste any more of my cash.

I also won one of these but the claws are rather loose so I stopped trying for more.

Via 7-11, there are several high priced items up for grabs. I thought 200 bucks for my mountain bike was expensive. I don't think I'd drop a couple of thousand for some wheels.

I'm not really sure what these are. LEDs? But they don't seem to be cheap.

Nor is this watch.

These cushions look cool, yet look at all the other items. A Coleman lamp with a hologram, C-3PO sneakers, lots of ties. Aw, man... (Feel free to start your Christmas/Birthday shopping for me.)

I picked up a few more items at the cinema the other day. 2 sets of postcards and a cool luggage sticker.

I didn't get the calendar from the cinema (which duplicates the postcards) but I did find this cool one. I'll show off each month's picture starting next year...

Here are a couple of pages from Toys Am Us. I need to win the lottery.

Finally, is this an actually game? If so, I want it!

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