Laziest Costumes Ever.

Because I didn't have much energy to do anything original, I took an easy route and just wore several different masks.

At the afternoon party, Mike portrayed Mike. Meta, dude. (Met a Mike.)

Once everyone was used to the cute Mike, I donned the mask and freaked them out.

At the Halloween Concert/Party, I merely had my head between Pluto's legs all night. Definitely ranked high on the cuteness scale and was useful for bobbing up and down during dance tunes.

Again, the crowd were used to the cute canine but along came the lycanthrope in me to surprise the revelers.

I had to pop out to the car twice to recharge my phone and that gave me an opportunity to go Alien...

I rather like the funky skull look for this.

and later Mickey Mouse.

It's difficult to make that look spooky, and the girl I was hitting on was not appreciating the scary ones, so I settled on a basic pumpkin grin.

I drove to Ernie's Bar and since it was getting colder, this Santa Jack head warmed my skull while walking to and fro.

Nothing goes better with this then a skeletal smile.

After midnight, I could chuck the cutesy and go creepy and this Cthulhu/Squiddly/Kraken headpiece did the trick.

It isn't actually a cephalopod face but is rather Jagi, I thought a nice zombie mug would be nice.

I mixed it up with a few other masks at times, you can see all twelve of them at that link.

Since I didn't get to over half of the crap I wanted to showcase due to my convalescence, I'll show off a few extra goodies throughout the month of Noveween.

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