Gaijins Hijinks.

I attended a Darned Cool Halloween Party last night at Club Ripple out in the sticks of Sendai. You may recall a similar event that you can read about at last year's party link. I was still ailing from my sojourn in the hospital so I didn't whoop it up too much and was extra lazy with my costume(s) this time around.

Cue picture of me with Pluto on my head surrounded by two cuties. I changed outfits a few times throughout the evening (details in a later post).

I was greeted at the door by a Minion and a Mario. I think there was a plumber convention in town for all night long, I saw Marios and Luigis where ever I went.

A cute "couple", the one on the right must be on the supermodel diet.

 These three gals were selling some esthete items. Not sure what their wares were though.

The first band of the night were the Jeggae Band (Japanese Reggae), Panamans, I remember seeing them at the Jozenji Jazz Fest in September though their costumes then were less flourish.

I videod a few minutes of their first tune.

Here is a better picture of them stolen from their FaceBook page.

While they played, I snapped a few more pics, including this quartet of KISS clones.

A Divine Diva and her partner spoke between gigs and introduced the bands. (At least that what I think they did, I wasn't paying attention. But they did make a few costume changes throughout.)

The next band up was Watch Me Crash. These Terrorists Ninjas played a punky set, surprisingly, I was able to photograph them, they must have switched off their stealth mode.

 Here you watch Watch Me Crash!

And more pics of the crowd...

Whoa, a Minion joined the band for a tune!

I'm not entirely sure whether this band is Rivied or not*, but those surgeons looked suspiciously like the guys who ripped out my Gall Bladder on Thursday.
*(Correct me if I'm wrong, please)

And a few more shots of the crowd before the next band...

And lo it came to pass that The Gaijins came to the stage!

Somehow I managed to film their least exciting tune. The others were far more dance-able than this.

After The Gaijins played, the ever-devilish DJ Mokugohan delivered some terrifying tunes.Why he wasn't spinning between ALL the bands, I'll never know. He was much better than the piped in stuff or dead air.

Hey that Spectre on the right looks familiar.

This hypnotizing Diablo mask was spinning while Mokugohan was spinning.


This witch and Nezumi-Otoko were among the couples swing dancing during the DJ's set.

My absolute favourite costume of the evening!!

 Atta! I found her!

Unfortunately at this point, my phone was near death and I had to go to the car to recharge.

Upon return, I got to take a few photos of a few friends who stopped by. These gals are the only ones who made their own costumes. Slave Leia didn't use much fabric though.

Equally impressive was Captain Ms. Marvel (I am probably the only one there who knows the difference.)

Notice, I've ditched the Pluto and morphed into an Alien.

While I was gone, Ms. Marvel decked the DJ when he left his decks.

A few more pics taken in the hallway before I reentered.

While I was gone, my favourite band of the evening, Masaru and Peach Pie performed. Too bad I only caught the tail end of their set, they were fantastic!

My phone was dying dead yet again and I wanted to go see Mokugohan continue DJing at Ernie's Bar, so I departed. Unfortunately, that means that I missed out on the finale performance of AwKward Age. Had I known it would be their Sayonara performance, I might have stuck around. You can always wonder over to the AwKward Age Youtube page and catch a few of their tunes.

My departure also meant that I missed out on the best costume awards, I'm happy to say that Leia was 1st and the Titan guy won something as well. (Photos scammed from the Gaijins' FB page.)

Those who came here from the Gaijins FB page need look no further. Friends of Ernie's Bar should...

As you can see, I switched to Santa-Jack. It was warm and I was approached by a lot of cuties on my way to the bar.

Sorry for the poor photo quality, blame the mood lighting and a lousy flash on my phone.

The only Superhero besides Ms. Marvel that I saw all evening was this Ironman on wheels.

Remember what I said about all those Luigis and Marios?

At the Witching Hour of Midnight, I switched to my final headgear of the night. Squid-man? Cthulhu-ser? This guy dubbed me a Kraken, I like that one.

Actually it was Jagi from Hokuto no Ken!

Thanks to The Gaijins for hosting a good gig (try and use the DJ more next year though!)

And thanks to Ernie and Mokugohan (with some awesome Spooky spinning), for recouping my Halloween spirit which was sorely lacking throughout the rest of the month!

ps. This is the first year ever that I didn't dish out treats to the masses (some Ernie-philes noticed). I did manage to receive some tidbits that night. A few were scammed from the party but others were handed to me by passersby on the street!!

pps. That's not entirely true, I popped into Dragon Diner to see Suu and I gave out some Youkai Watch ramen to his patrons.

Happy Halloween! See you next year...

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