Swag Wars 2, The Depato Strikes Back!

Over a week ago, I showed off some of the Swag out there. It doesn't stop there, not by a long shot.

Here are some of the high-end chocolates for sale within a conbini (New Days) inside the Shinkansen station.

At first I thought the Darth and R2 were cookie jars, they are coin banks.

This Elise chocolate features both the Dark and Light side of the Force.

There's even a spot on the back whereupon you can write a love letter to its intended recipient.

This can be found in other New Days apart from the Shink. That's where I picked up this spicy Red Chili Popcorn.

Inside another conbini (Lawsons), I found this flyer with lots more goodies out there. It starts with a DVD/ BluRay box set at a hefty discount.

Furthermore, Toys Am Us is featured prominently. First up some remote controlled Yoda or Millennium Falcon.

And it figures, tons of figures.

Nice ties but pretty steep.

These Samurai inspired characters are inspired. Very Expensive but oh so cool!

That Thermos looks cool.

Moving on to S-Pal, there's a gift shop there that specializes in imported goods. There are a ton of Snoopy items (featured tomorrow, stay tuned) and about a half-ton of Star Wars stuff. These candy/cookie (?) containers are cute and relatively cheap.

Walkers Shortbread cookies utilizing the classic Hildebrandt poster artwork. I'm a little disappointed that the biscuits don't have a more Falcon-like shape.

These hold little candies. Nice comic artwork.

And the reverse of the above.

Spud Wars.

A cool bottle opener...that talks when it pops a pop open.

 And a few more.

I no longer eat pizza (stupid diet) but even so, I'd like this pizza cutter.

Stab Darth with Light Sabres until his head pops up. I want this so badly.

These plush are nice, but I'll wait until I find them at UFO Catcher.

Moving on to nearby Loft are some attractive luggage items. Guaranteed to be stolen from the baggage carousel before you even get off the plane.

 And the goods, stationery...
 t-shirts and figures...
Some kind of BB-8 projector...
 jigsaw puzzles...
 iPhone cases...
and  bags...
Upstairs at HMV, I espied two dictionaries, for beginner Padawin Learners

 and more advanced Jedi Knights.
 A selection of stickers,
 a plethora of pins

and I nabbed Volume 3 of the Newspaper!

A friend discovered these cookies in the supermarket,

And I discovered some Ice Cream.

Had I known it came with some stickers, I would have picked up the Fudgesicles as well.

I haven't seen this for sale over here, I just pulled it off the Net because I thought it was cool.

I can't wait until Thursday, that's when the Random lottery of goods begins!


Anonymous said...

Shortbread COOKES???

No, it is just shortbread. That is the name of the food. They are not cookies you moron. Hence the fact that nowhere on the box does it not say 'cookies'.

Michael Jones said...

Forgive me for not realizing that shortbread is its own foodstuff. Not sure that this error requires the use of moron in commenting. Oh and lovely use of double negatives, by the way.
ps. In North America, we DO refer to them as cookies, especially if they are in the shape of a cookie.


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