I've Been Fleeced!

I purchased a three-way yesterday two-way fleece yesterday thanks to a Star Wars sale at Uniqlo. For twenty bucks, you get a 134x80 cm. fleece blanket that doubles as a cloak.

As seen here, it's very cozy.

I hate to admit it but the selling point of this for me was the acquisition of a Unique Uniqlo eraser with the purchase of a fleece.

I got Episode 3 Obiwan Kenobi. Nice detail.

I liked it so much that I decided to buy another eraser. This Leia Organa eraser came with a Boba Fett fleece.

I was going to buy a Yoda fleece until I saw the Boba Fett one. Tomorrow is the last day for the sale, I know I can always use another eraser...

Besides, I want to find out what the secret one is!

If you're interested, here is a selection of the many SW t-shirt designs from Uniqlo.

ps. If you check out the link above, it'll display all the Star Wars items for sale at Uniqlo. Scroll down towards the bottom to see the fleeces. At the very bottom are some umbrellas. If anyone's looking to buy me a Christmas/Birthday present, I wouldn't mind one.


I went back to Uniqlo today to pick up a fleece for a friend. and while I was there, I discovered Nelpan. They're light pj bottoms though I suppose you could wear them outside in the summer.

This is the fleece I grabbed, Yoda.  (Unfortunately, I'm not fluent in Yoda-speak to phrase that sentence properly.)

BUT...this is the "Secret" eraser. Han Solo in Carbonite! (Sorry pal, I'm keeping this for myself, you can have either Leia or Obiwan.)

Finally, I picked up a new hat and some shades for under 5 bucks!

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