Falcon Hell!

Those geniuses at D'Agostino have done it again. In an effort to milk every penny out of me, they have now come up with a Millennium Falcon model!

As with all D'Agostino scams offers, the first one is a bargain at 5 bucks.

Below is probably all you get with the first issue. Subsequent issues are then 4X as much. They list the first four issues, but it could even be more until you can assemble your smuggling vessel.

These are some of the behind-the-scenes pages that come with it. (That link includes an interview, in Japanese, natch.)

You can get a binder to put all these pages in for a mere 7 dollars (which is actually fairly reasonable.)

 There is also some sort of present of a Darth Vader figure, though I haven't yet determined how to get it.

I'll probably get the first issue because as an added bonus, you get an "Original Mat" that looks like blueprints. Cool!

One snag with this...the offer doesn't begin until January 25th, 2016! That's two months away!

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