GeGeGe Gone.

I'm sad to report the passing of Shigeru Mizuki, creator of GeGeGe no Kitaro. Even in his 90s, he continued to draw his characters, possibly the oldest working manga artist up until today when at the age of 93, he has passed on.

I've loved his work ever since I first discovered his youkai and just recently I picked up a couple more figures based on his work.

This box contained two red or green characters but, unfortunately I couldn't complete a full set, so I just bought two.

Within you get a trading card, the two figures, and a piece of gum.

On the left is ぬっぺっぽう (Nuppeppou) and on the right is おとろし (Otoroshi) and you can visit it at the Kitarou Chaya Teahouse.

Be sure to click the label GeGeGe below to see my many many links on Shigeru Mizuki's creations!

Above is one of the few songs that I can sing in Japanese at Karaoke!

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