Coming To a Theatre Near You.

I had the opportunity to see Project Michelangelo* the other day and noticed that there are several movies on the horizon that look interesting.
*Monuments Men

On the anime front, we have 亜人 (Ajin = Demi-human) that looks to be in the Ghost in the Shell vein.

Here's a preview.

ハーモニー (Harmony by Project Itoh)  is kind of tough to figure out what it is. "Harmony is an upcoming Japanese animated science fiction film directed by Michael Arias." I hope that helps. 


 Durarara looks intriguing, I know nothing about it, google it for yourself or click the link.

GIRLS und PANZER der FILM. How can you go wrong with cutsie anime gals and tanks?

For the kiddies is a new Youkai Watch movie coming out a week before Christmas. Hmm. I wonder if there will be any new merchandise for it.

For a change, we get an animated feature a few months before the US! Could be because it's from France. IrRegardless, Little Prince (星の王子さま)  looks pretty good although I have my doubts whether it'll be released in English (or even French) locally.

The Peanuts Movie (or as it is advertised here, I Love スヌーピー, The Peanuts Movie) is doing boffo box office stateside, I'm sure it'll do the same here. I hope it'll get an English release but I suspect I'll have to head to Tokyo to see it.

You can Peanutize yourself at that link.

On Saturday is コードネーム U.N.C.L.E. (Codename: UNCLE), if I'm in the neighbourhood on a cheap movie day, I may see it.

I know nada about Last Knights except that it looks cool and has some Japanese vintage to it.

I have to wait a few more weeks, but I will definitely see Spectre. (And screw you auto-correct!)

And of course, the sequel to the incredibly dull Hunger Game Final. I certainly hope this one has more excitement than the last one!

In a more comedic vein is Moonwalkers. It could be the worst movie ever but a few stars will be added just for the presence of Ron Perlman alone.

And the movie I'm anticipating the most is a J-Horror called Gekijourei, ever since I saw a cardboard cutout of this face with a hand sticking out. When you approach it, a voice moans to you.

Here's a preview.

Even better than that is a "Manners" reminder video. So creepy and cool and funny...


Oh yeah, there's some kind of sci-fi fantasy called Start Warps or something coming out soon. Meh!

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