Taking a break from the inundation of Star Wars material, here are some medical x-rays of several Kaiju. You can view some Ultraman Kaiju guts here and here, and Gegege no Kitaro's innards can be found here.

 Gojira's guts.

 Anguirus' anterior and interior.

 Rodan Radon's organs.

 King Ghidorah's guts.
 Gigan's guts.

 Mecha-Godzilla's mechanics.

Okay, I lied. It's nigh impossible to go a day without coming across some new Star Wars stuff. Today, I found a "Fire" coffee with Chewbacca emblazoned upon it. Too bad this brand is full of cream and sugar so I won't be completing the set of 6 cans.

There is also a Black version with no cream that features the bad guys. Hmm. Maybe I could drink this one.

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