May The Force Be With Me.

Yay! The random draw at 7-11 is finally here although it is not yet everywhere. I went to my nearest locale and, sure enough, they had the goods and I picked up a few items. (Fortunately, I came into some extra cash yesterday so I can justify the purchase.) I then walked to two other conbini in my neighbourhood (I need the exercise) and discovered that one starts the kuji draw tomorrow, the other had no idea about what I was inquiring.

Here's the loot so far!

Starting with the J prizes, I landed three out of five face cloths or "art towels".


I am now only missing one of these towels.

Of the I Prizes, I landed 3/4 "Blister Figure Charms". They're actually pretty nice.


I now have a complete set of Crystals!
I got 1/4 H Prizes, a "Glass". The tumbler I choose is the Millennium Falcon.


I landed the other three glasses. Now I can entertain in style!

I managed to obtain all three of the G Prizes, "Visual Sheets", A3 sized plastic prints with wonderful artwork. The first of these is credited to "Papuzza". The others have no credit but seem to be drawn in his style.

I received neither F nor E Prizes, yet I did successfully nab both D Prizes, "Special Posters". Someday, when I clear some space, I may even hang these on the wall.


The F Prize is a "Light Sabre Towel Case" with a Darth towel to boot.

The E Prize is a "Stormtrooper Hood/Blanket". I got two! One to keep, one to give away as a Christmas present!

The dimensions are only 80X60 cm. so they are smaller than the Uniqlo Fleeces but it is still pretty nifty!

No luck on A, B or C yet, I think I'll wait until some of the wheat has been separated from the chaff to improve my chances. (Be sure to click the link at the top of the page to see what these prizes are.)

If you act quickly, you can acquire a mini-Calendar with the purchase of two Onigiri. It has 12 original pieces of postcard-sized art, one for each month.

Somewhat of a non-sequitur with respect to the above, yet hear are two pics I took today in Morioka. The first one is a Crèche that isn't very religious but pretty cool. It is in the Men's washroom at the station!

The other pic is of Iwate-san looking rather chilly.

At each of my weddings today, something occurred that I had never seen before. The first wedding had a poster with the couples' picture upon it and around it were the stems of balloons. A guest places their finger upon a colourful stamp pad and then puts their fingerprint on the poster. Pretty cute idea.
Another first for me at the second wedding. At first I thought it was a typo of bouquet by my wedding coordinator, but no it wasn't.  In addition to the Bouquet toss for the maidens, there was a BROCCOLI toss for the bachelors! An amusing end to a long tiring day.

Let me know if you land the A, B, C, E or F Prize. I will be super-jealous if you get B!

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