Seven Elevangelion.

7-11 has landed the Evangelion 20th Anniversary goodies contract and one can win this cool Smart Phone. (Alas, the instructions to win are beyond my powers of comprehension.)

There is also a special Shinkansen to commemorate the event. I'd like to ride it or at least catch a glimpse of it sometime.

What they are offering that I can indulge in is another spend 620 yen win some random crap contest going on. This is what I've won so far, I think I shan't continue trying.

A funky little keychain.

 And some Bath Gel. Meh.

Today, though I found this nice bag full of snacks. For 590 yen you get about 590 yen's worth of munchies (which of course I can't eat on my current diet, so they'll go towards my Friday night card game with the boys.)

The clincher for making this purchase is this cute little calendar. I'll be sending this to a pal for Christmas, so you'll have to get your own.

By the way, I don't think I ever went into detail about my trip to Universal Studios way back in April. Unfortunately timing did not permit me admittance to the Evangelion 3D adventure, but it did provide for my dessert!

I may gather some more Neon Genesis Evangelion stuff in the future, I'll revise this if I do.

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