Credit where credit's due department.

One of the sites that I frequent is POVonline, operated by the co-creator of GROO, a writer of Garfield & Welcome Back, Kotter and one who seems to know everyone who has ever lived in Hollywood, TV and comics. If you want to be astounded by the wealth of info he's acquired, go to: news from me and click around.

So while going through his archives, I discovered a poem performed on the game show "I've Got a Secret" circa 1965. I wrote a similar joke awhile back but this guy did it much better. Here it is:

That one should leave no stone unturned
Is something I quite early learned
But with so many stones around
I could not turn them all, I found
I spotted terns over the sea
One turned around and spotted me
For spotting the best suit I owned
I tried to leave no tern unstoned.

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