Aum My Gawd!:
I just read about some bonehead blowing himself up in a Tim Horton's donut shop in downtown Toronto. You'd think walking into the washroom with a full tank of gasoline would make someone suspicious. Well the fumes made someone suspicious and fortunately there were no other injuries. As for the Donut demolitionist, he's been blown to Timbits!
I used to work in that neighbourhood and had infrequently frequented that particular Tims. Spooky!
(For the non-Canadians reading this, Tim Horton's is a former Hockey player turned restauranteur. He snuffed it in a car crash a while back, but his legacy lives on. Tims has recently upped their presence, even outnumbering Starbucks in some cities. a Timbit is from the centre of a doughnut and flavoured with sprinkles or jam.)

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