If Samuel Clemens can do it...

I've decided to go with a pseudonym at the top (er, ah...actually bottom) of my post. I was hoping to go for a bit of anonymity in case I develop a stalker following. Unfortunately, it appears that I can't change any of my posts under my name, so the point becomes moot. But future postings will be using an alias beside that lovely picture of Kent Brockman.
I've used Michael-Sensei because that is the term used by all the brats I taught a while back in Hicksville (I mean Soma.) They usually yelled out the name "Michael-Sensei" before jumping on my back or even worse doing the old "double-handed, index finger-pointing goose" that kids (and some adults) love to do.
Now if anyone can come up with a better nickname for me, I'll consider all reasonable suggestions. Just don't used the terms: "short", "chubby" or "short chubby" please.

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