Strikes, Spares and Misses.

One of the bars that I frequent in the wee hours of the morning is called 305. It's this little hole-in-the-wall place that calls itself a Speakeasy and is very casual and relatively cheap. Periodically, they have a mini-bowling tournament amongst its patrons and it's a fun way to kill a few hours on a Sunday.

A moderate amount of beers is consumed and the events' proceedings include a bizarre Cos-play portion. After the first match, the winners then adorn various costumes and parade around, humiliating themselves and partaking in the next game in Fancy dress. I was fortunate enough to win and got to wear a balerina tutu with a long-necked Swan extending from my nether regions. Other costumes included, Wrestling masks, Nurse outfits, Baby garb...you get the idea. A Swan-shaped extension to ones privates does lead to some goosing and other practical jokes. Well, much jocularity ensued.

I am in no way a prude, but it behooves me to accept horseplay accompanied with large bowling balls. Fortunately no ones' feet were crushed in the pranks where balls were thrown at each other.

Unfortunately, I had to catch a bus so I couldn't attend the post-bowling party but they'll be saving me my First-place prize. I scored much better when I wore a prosthesis. If only real life weren't like that.


Boy Wonder said...

Sounds like Bjork had just come from 305 when she made an appearance at the Oscars a few years back...

Michael Jones said...

As you can see, I added a photo of my cygnet-look. Now who's cuter, Bjork or me?


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